T to Tea was born from a pure love and passion for the bubble tea in November 2017. We are a bobaholic couple. We drink either tea or bubble tea almost every day, even though Kitty was pregnant. We have our own preferences in each different bubble shop. Our friends and colleagues always asked us whether we want to open a bubble tea room, then we can have our own bubble teas.

We never think about turning our hobby into a real thing until we went back hometown last Spring. We found a brand new world of our beloved bubble tea, more healthy and naturally. We want to bring them back to LA, another home.

We want to change the way how people view of boba and bubble tea shop. We think you should get what you pay. We know it probably takes longer time to let people understand, but we were determined. We use the high-quality ingredients (like whole tea leaves, real milk, in-house products, and etc), and we try so many times to come out the right ratio of each ingredient in one drink. Therefore, the true meaning of T to Tea is

T – Tasty


T – Test

E – Evaluate

A – Admit

From the beginning till now, our tea room is filling with lots of loves and supports. Thank you everyone for accepting T to Tea.  We don’t know how far we can go, but we know what we want to do. It is not easy, but we won’t give up. We love bubble tea and we love you all!

Max and Kitty